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Mahohi philosophies are proudly rooted in cross-cultural encounters fusing traditional haircare remedies focused on hair health and growth from ancient traditions and indigenous cultures throughout the globe. 


Our collections reference history, art, and philosophy paying homage to traditional skills, premium natural ingredients, enhanced through sophisticated apothecary and modern technologies providing formulations which are profoundly modern, yet inherently traditional, challenging conventional ideals and synergies of luxury natural hair and skincare. 


Living amidst both vibrant cities of London and Paris immersed in their international assortment of cultures, and influential pasts, produced an exciting effect on our founder, an avid traveler, with an eclectic heritage herself experiencing all manners of tribes, societies, and cultures which indeed has developed her unique viewpoint that manifests in all of her products, mixing glamour with cutting edge; commerciality with cultural and heritage with contemporary.


Mahohi is a vanguard brand carving out a niche market by engaging with organic farmers and herbalists, reviving traditional skills and spearheading a cultivated renaissance of African, Latin and Asian natural, organic, and ethically sourced beauty rituals to the wider community.

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